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Monday, January 30

Shower Me with Ideas (and some Comment-Love)!

So I was watching "Bang for Your Buck" on HGTV this weekend and they were evaluating three major remodels in Wisconsin, each costing $70,000. One project was an entire kitchen, and the addition of a full bathroom and outdoor deck area. The realtor and the designer toured the kitchen with high praises, and then came to the bathroom where the homeowners (frugally) decided to forgo a custom tile shower and opted instead for a 3-piece fiberglass unit...uh oh! I guess that was a bad choice. The realtor had a hissy fit and said that even a cheap ceramic tile would have been better than the (pretty nice) unit they chose.

Well, my husband and I have been going back and forth about what we would like to do in our master bath remodel since we moved in last August. My husband decided he wanted to re-coat our shower unit and not do tile - but I'm happy to report I changed his mind! After seeing this episode, I told him what the realtor said and he conceded. Yay! Love you Ro!

Now the sky's the limit (within a budget, of course!) and I'll admit I'm having a blast searching for ideas for our new master shower. Here are some amazing remodels I came across on Pinterest and elsewhere. Leave me a comment tell me your favorite! (Ok, so the outdoor shower is impossible for us to do here in New York, but it was so beautiful and got so many re-pins and comments on my Pinterest board, I had to post it here for you to enjoy, too!)

Source: decorpad.com

Source: curbly.com

Source: Pinterest

Source: decorpad.com

Source: graniteindenver.com

Source: decorpad.com

Source: decorpad.com

Source: decorpad.com

Source: modwalls.com via Pinterest


Anonymous said...

fabulous white and grey slate bathroom!
x kat

Andrea Parker said...

I agree. I'm leaning toward these materials and colors (as you can tell by the fact that there's a few versions posted here). I love the one with the contemporary tub and stacked stone accent wall - but also love the classic subway tile shower... decisions, decisions! ~Andrea

Tina said...

I am a sucker for White Subway tile. We did it in our bathroom, although we have never gotten around to finishing around the window because we were going to trade out the regular window for a glass-block. Hmm, I hope you are better at finishing projects than we are. We should probably finish it before starting in on the upstairs...

Andrea Parker said...

Tina: Unfortunately we are the same with our projects - most are ALMOST complete. :( We did white subway tile in my daughter's shower and it looks fantastic - so clean and bright. And it is very popular choice, so always safe to install in a home you intend to sell later on. We will probably put it in our master shower, too. Andrea