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Tuesday, January 24

Down in the Decorating Dumps? 3 Ways to Brighten the Mood!

For most of the world, winter has arrived in full force. Here in the Northeast, we are experiencing cloudy, sun-less days that are short, wet, and dreary. If you're like me, you may also be experiencing some dreariness indoors, too!

Here a 3 ways to get your spaces out of the "decorating dumps":

1. Get New Shades! Take a look at your lamp shades. If they're a bit too dusty or dingy to be revived, consider purchasing some new ones. I have two lamps in my living room that have dark, leather-look shades and I'm excited to swap them out for white drum shades. It will brighten the room considerably and won't break the bank!
Source: dear lillie via Pinterest
2. Brighten Up! Winter is a great time to accomplish indoor chores. One great way to brighten your space is to freshen up your painted walls, doors, and trim. Whether its just a quick coat of white over white or a completely new color, paint is a cost effective and easy way to lighten and brighten your home.

Source: stylemepretty.com via Pinterest

3. Smell the Flowers! Especially during the winter months, fresh flowers do wonders for a room. Flowers add beautiful, bright color and lovely fragrance to any space. So bring a little Spring into your home with a lovely bouquet, just because.

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