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Monday, January 16

Feeling Patriotic?

Source: House Beautiful
Of all the color combinations I've considered and ultimately used in my various homes over the years, I've honestly never considered red, white, and blue. Until now. The House Beautiful February 2012 issue, "Jazz It Up" article is a lovely pictorial of bold, bright colors done well. Not at all tacky or off-putting, color is used brilliantly throughout this home.
*MyEH Tip: Not too confident with color? Trying picking a neutral palette as a base and then sprinkle in pops of color in artwork, accent pillows, lamps or draperies. Spread the color around the room to keep the eyes moving.
The Guest Room is my favorite space: gorgeous, deep blue walls, lovely red fabric as an accent against crisp white linens and lamps. Makes me want to stand up and salute!

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