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Thursday, January 26

Quotable Decor

I adore quotes. Encouraging, motivational, wise, noble, eccentric, humorous, educational. When a person can say something so succinctly and clearly in just a handful of words, yet it is so enlightening that it stands out from all the other noise in this life, this is truly profound.

Since I love quotes, and I love decorating, I set out to find creative ways to incorporate quotes into my decor:

Source: paloma81.blogspot.com via Pinterest

Source: thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com via Pinterest

Source: openingceremony.us via Pinterest

Source: designspongeonline.com via Pinterest

Source: www.weddingbee.com

Source: http://memoirsofawannabegypsy.com

Source: http://madamenoire.com

Source: http://justbesplendid.tumblr.com

Do you have a fun, unique way to display your favorite quote in your home? Please share!


Tina said...

Mine are just on wooden signs with vinyl. These are so much better. I am going to have to put more thought into displaying a good one somewhere special. Thanks for the inspiration!

Andrea Parker said...

Hi Tina! Welcome "home"!

I was specifically searching for ways to display quotes other than the typical wall decals and signs that you see out there. I have to admit I am OBSESSED with the mirror idea, can't stop thinking about it. I found a large wall mirror at the local Family Dollar for 15 bucks and I think I will experiment on it. Now just to figure out which quote....... :)