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Sunday, January 22

Reviving the Conversation Pit

Bell-bottoms, feathers, fringe, bright wallpaper are some 70s trends that have reappeared on the style scene in recent years. And now I'm considering reviving yet another forgotten fad: the Conversation Pit.

Source: interiordesign.net
Source: klad.com
Source: openbuildings.com
Source: bry-backmanor.org

I have a small/den office area that is currently being used as storage for excess inventory for my shop and gallery. I was originally going to make this a boring office space, but I was inspired by a quick flash of a conversation pit room in the opening credits of the TV show, "Selling L.A." (Don't blink or you'll miss it!) The idea of a cozy, comfy retreat with built-in couches around the entire perimeter covered in cushions and pillows.... *love*!

*MyEH Tip: Take Control! Don't let the room dictate its use ("office" "den" "family room"). Instead, allow your lifestyle - or your desired lifestyle - to influence decor and function. For example, my "office" space could have been set up as a couple of desks and some shelving, but because I'm on my laptop 99% of the time I'm working, I'm designing a fun, retro, lounge area as an alternative. Think outside the box!

Haven't told the hubby yet. There are a few "major construction" elements that need to occur in that space first before I can start to work my design magic, like closing off an "extra" doorway to the master bathroom, and maybe even closing off an exterior doorway to the deck (there are already two others).

Here's a BEFORE image (total disarray :( )

AFTER pictures - if I can convince Orion ;) - will be posted in the future.

What do you think? Is the Conversation Pit worthy of reviving in today's spaces?

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