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Thursday, January 19

Can't Commit to Modern? Don't!

Sandwiched between advertisements for sleek, Italian leather sofas and minimalist, modular housing options is the article, "Arch Support," in the February 2012 issue of Dwell Magazine. While I've always admired ultra modern design, I've never been able to fully commit to it. I think that's why I loved the article subject so much - it takes my commitment phobia to modern style and creates an almost split design personality. The dwelling is a "crumbling 18th century flat in the middle of Barcelona" which was refurbished by an architect.

Source: Dwell Magazine

She maintained the age and character of the original flat, often preserving faded hand-painted tile and raw stone walls, while adding modern details like a sleek, cow hide chair and sculptural lighting. A perfect eclectible mix of styles, blending original with contemporary in an understated way so as to not distract from the unique history of the building.

*MyEH Tip: Not sure how to mix modern and vintage? Find some images in your favorite decorating book or magazine and recreate the look. They're the PROS - they know what they're doing - and imitation is the best form of flattery!

Source: Dwell Magazine

Maybe it's the dozens of Sunday mornings watching, "This Old House" with Dad, and my dream of converting a barn or school house into a dwelling, but I just LOVE the idea of maintaining the history of a structure while also sprinkling in contemporary touches. When done well, the result is a beautiful, unique living space with a style all it's own!

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