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Tuesday, January 24

My Top 10 on Pinterest (so far)

In honor of this being my 10th blog post, I'm doing a "Top 10" list of images I've pinned on Pinterest:

# 10 sentimental pin - my very FIRST re-pinning

Source: gardendesign.com via Pinterest

# 9 first "gray+yellow" pin

Source: traditionallymoderndesigns via Pinterest

 # 8 my style (& blogging) idol, fashion blogger Dree Harper of www.createthatstyle.com

Source: Create That Style via Pinterest

# 7 fantasy bed

Source: createthatstyle.com via Pinterest

 # 6 ink lust begins....

Source: hellowkittyems.tumblr.com via Pinterest

# 5 the search for a new me

Source: Pinterest

# 4 homesick - remembering Seattle

Source: yama-bato.tumblr.com via Pinterest

# 3 chair fetish

Source: apartmenttherapy.com via Pinterest

# 2 chevron obsession

Source: kfddesigns.blogspot.com via Pinterest

# 1 no words

Source: Vogue via everythingfab.com via Pinterest

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